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The training ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano is a BARQUENTINE of the Spanish Armada. It has four poles with the names of Blanca, Almansa, Asturias and Nautilus, school names of four ships that preceded it. Called by the Spanish explorer Juan Sebastian Elcano, captain of the expedition, after the death of Ferdinand Magellan, who completed the first circumnavigation of the world in 1522


GUAYAS - Ecuador

The BAE Guayas is a sail training ship of the Navy of Ecuador, rigged barque. Launched in 1976, he was named jointly in honor of the Guayas River and steamed Guayas, the first steamboat built in South America in 1841 and shown in the coat of arms of Ecuador. The base of the boat is the city of Guayaquil.



The ARBV Simon Bolivar (BE-11), also known as Ambassador without Borders, is the training ship of the Navy of Venezuela.


THO-PA-GA - España

The Tho-Pa-Ga, above Cala Tuent and before Tres Hermanos, schooner was built in 1918 at a shipyard in Murcia beach. In the race of Cadiz-2000 it was renamed ONO / City of Cadiz and was ambassador of the city at various ports of the race.